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Specializing in Deal Management

It is Omni Promotions Management goal to provide our clients with top quality assistance. 

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Pricing Plans

Omni Promotions Management, LLC accepts the following credit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express via ACH payments for the clients who subscribe to a package.  For all other clients we accept payment via PayPal and Zelle.  All clients will receive an invoice once services are rendered.  

Pricing Plans

Bronze Plan

This plan includes 1 deal a month with up to 50 items (additional fee for more items), multiple locations and one retailer partner. This will not include retailer Cost Changes or DSD offers which are priced subject to specific needs of the client. Deals will be monitored, updated, and resubmitted if modifications are requested by the retailer.


per month


Silver Plan

This plan consists of up to 10 deals monthly with up to 150+ items with multiple locations for all retail customers excluding DSD offers & Cost Changes. Deals will be monitored, updated for any and all additional changes requested by the retailer.


per month


Gold Plan

this plan consists of the responsibility to monitors our customer’s annual promotional planner. Unlimited deal submissions with unlimited items for all retail locations. Including retail cost changes and DSD deal submissions. We will be responsible for monitoring deals from submission to processed status. If any deal modification is required, deals will be corrected and resubmitted promptly.


per month

A la Carte Services

  • 1 deal submission - $100.00

  • 1 DSD Deal Submission – TBD * based on the number of items and locations.

  • 1 Cost Change Submission – TBD * based on the number of items and locations.

  • Basic & Advanced Training - TBD * based on the number of items and locations.

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